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  • 1:36:00 Popularni Incendiary (2008)

    Incendiary (2008)

    by Dejan 396 Pregleda / 0 Likes

    An adulterous woman's life is torn apart when her husband and infant son are killed in a suicide bombing at a soccer match.

  • 1:30:00 Popularni Night of the Demons (1988) / Noć demona

    Night of the Demons (1988) / Noć demona

    by Dejan 180 Pregleda / 0 Likes

    On the night of Halloween, 10 teens decide to go to a party at an abandoned funeral parlor.

  • 1:27:00 Popularni Never Cry Werewolf (2008)

    Never Cry Werewolf (2008)

    by Dejan 1,453 Pregleda / 1 Likes

    Jared Martin moves next door to the Hansetts, along with his hot motorcycle and eerie, ill-tempered dog. Although everyone else in the neighborhood takes an instant liking to him, Loren ...

  • 1:36:00 Popularni Vinyan (2008)

    Vinyan (2008)

    by Dejan 660 Pregleda / 0 Likes

    A couple are looking for their child who was lost in the tsunami - their search takes them to the dangerous Thai-Burmese waters, and then into the jungle, where they face unknown but horrifying dangers.

  • 1:54:00 Popularni Mission to Mars (2000) / Misija na Mars

    Mission to Mars (2000) / Misija na Mars

    by Dejan 256 Pregleda / 0 Likes

    When the first manned mission to Mars meets with a catastrophic and mysterious disaster, a rescue mission is launched to investigate the tragedy and bring back any survivors.

  • Popularni The Weight of Water (2000) / Teška voda

    The Weight of Water (2000) / Teška voda

    by Dejan 570 Pregleda / 0 Likes

    A newspaper photographer, Jean, researches the lurid and sensational axe murder of two women in 1873 as an editorial tie-in with a brutal modern double murder. She discovers a cache of ...

  • Popularni Dog Tags (2008) / Kereće Pločice

    Dog Tags (2008) / Kereće Pločice

    by Dejan 161 Pregleda / 0 Likes

    Abandoned by his father and raised by a single mother, Nate Merritt joins the Marines to support his soon-to-be fiancée. While on leave in Palm Springs, Nate meets a seemingly free spirited...

  • 1:30:00 Popularni Service (2008) / Serbis / Servis

    Service (2008) / Serbis / Servis

    by Dejan 243 Pregleda / 0 Likes

    A drama that follows the travails of the Pineda family in the Filipino city of Angeles. Bigamy, unwanted pregnancy, possible incest and bothersome skin irritations are all part of their ...

  • 1:30:00 Popularni The 39 Steps (2008)

    The 39 Steps (2008)

    by Dejan 292 Pregleda / 0 Likes

    Richard Hannay, a mining engineer on holiday from the African colonies, finds London socialite life terribly dull. Yet it's more then he bargained for when secret agent, Scudder, bursts ...

  • 1:29:00 Popularni Dead Sexy (2001)

    Dead Sexy (2001)

    by Dejan 251 Pregleda / 0 Likes

    A female detective gets involved with a murder suspect in a series of serial killings.

  • 1:31:00 Popularni Tombs of the Blind Dead (1972) / La noche del terror ciego / Grobnice slepih mrtvaca

    Tombs of the Blind Dead (1972) / La noche del terror ciego / Grobnice slepih mrtvaca

    by Dejan 141 Pregleda / 0 Likes

    In the 13th century there existed a legion of evil knights known as the Templars, who quested for eternal life by drinking human blood and committing sacrifices. Executed for their unholy ...

  • Popularni Combat Girls (2011) / Kriegerin

    Combat Girls (2011) / Kriegerin

    by Dejan 244 Pregleda / 1 Likes

    Marisa, a 20-year-old German girl, hates foreigners, Jews, cops, and everyone she finds guilty for the decline of her country. She provokes, drinks, fights and her next tattoo will be a ...