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  • 1:32:00 Popularni Soccer Mom (2008)

    Soccer Mom (2008)

    by Amel31 592 Pregleda / 0 Likes

    A warm-hearted comedy about a compulsive soccer mom who masquerades as a famous Italian soccer star hired to coach her daughter's floundering soccer team, then struggles frantically to keep...

  • 1:30:00 Popularni Getaway (2013)

    Getaway (2013)

    by Amel31 18.9k Pregleda / 8 Likes

    To save his kidnapped wife, Brent Magna must drive at the orders of a mysterious man.

  • 1:33:00 Popularni Taken (2008)

    Taken (2008)

    by Nikola 5,305 Pregleda / 3 Likes

    A retired CIA agent travels across Europe and relies on his old skills to save his estranged daughter, who has been kidnapped while on a trip to Paris.

  • 1:35:00 Popularni Megamind (2010)

    Megamind (2010)

    by Danilo Radovic 4,414 Pregleda / 0 Likes

    The supervillain Megamind finally defeats his nemesis, the superhero Metro Man. But without a hero, he loses all purpose and must find new meaning to his life.

  • 2:11:00 Popularni Hannibal (2001) / Hanibal

    Hannibal (2001) / Hanibal

    by Marko 63.2k Pregleda / 3 Likes

    Hannibal returns to America and attempts to make contact with disgraced Agent Starling and survive a vengeful victim's plan.

  • 1:22:00 Popularni Home Sweet Home (2013)

    Home Sweet Home (2013)

    by Amel31 6,139 Pregleda / 0 Likes

    After going broke, Gwen Stevens is forced to return to her abandoned childhood home hoping to pick up the pieces of her life. Among the relics and memories of her past, she discovers ...

  • 2:14:00 Popularni This Is 40 (2012) / Prelomilo se u četrdesetoj

    This Is 40 (2012) / Prelomilo se u četrdesetoj

    by Benjamin Kupinic 13.7k Pregleda / 0 Likes

    Pete and Debbie are both about to turn 40, their kids hate each other, both of their businesses are failing, they're on the verge of losing their house, and their relationship is threatening to fall apart.

  • 1:50:00 Popularni The Duchess (2008) / Vojvotkinja

    The Duchess (2008) / Vojvotkinja

    by Milan 7,623 Pregleda / 4 Likes

    A chronicle of the life of 18th century aristocrat Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, who was reviled for her extravagant political and personal life.

  • Popularni 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)

    2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)

    by Marko 72.2k Pregleda / 6 Likes

    Brian O'Conner and childhood friend Roman Pearce are re-united by the FBI to bring down a Miami drug exporter in exchange for clear records.

  • Popularni Peaceful warrior (2006) / Spokojni ratnik

    Peaceful warrior (2006) / Spokojni ratnik

    by Nikola 6,439 Pregleda / 4 Likes

    A chance encounter with a stranger changes the life of a college gymnast.

  • 2:20:00 Popularni Seabiscuit (2003)

    Seabiscuit (2003)

    by Danilo Radovic 2,173 Pregleda / 0 Likes

    True story of the undersized Depression-era racehorse whose victories lifted not only the spirits of the team behind it but also those of their nation.

  • 1:31:00 Popularni One in the Chamber (2012)

    One in the Chamber (2012)

    by Marko 74.2k Pregleda / 4 Likes

    A seasoned assassin plays both sides in a Russian gang war and becomes the target of an unknown enemy.